Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Why Can't This Really Happen?

I found this cartoon and it caught my attention for a couple of reasons.  Although it’s made to make people laugh, it really does bring up a valid point.  If only everyone found on the Internet came with a dummy to tell people the truth about him or her.  People use online dating sites as a means to find “the one” all the time.  I even personally know a couple that will be married this summer that met on a dating site.  I guess that’s proof that it does work some of the time.  However, I personally do not think it’s the solution to one’s dating problems.  I feel like dating sites are extremely dangerous.  Like this picture shows, people can deceive whom they are talking about very easily.  I would be very hesitant to trust anyone no matter how great they seemed over the Internet.  I’ve heard of so many stories on the news and Internet about cyber dating going wrong.  If everyone had a dummy to tell the truth, I feel like many problems would be solved.  :)

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